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11th February
written by Kayleigh Powis
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The world of advertising is rife with competition – so many people are vying for the same opportunity within creative agencies.

Before you approach any advertising agencies or businesses, get yourself prepared first. Try to gain some voluntary work which will enhance your CV and get the attention of advertising employers. Social media is also another option. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow for people to showcase their creative and communicative prowess to employers. Employers love potential marketers that are proactive on social networks, their own sites or by writing and updating their own blogs regularly.

A degree in advertising design or marketing is also a huge advantage. During the degree, students will have to demonstrate their creative thinking, producing pitches, working on projects, and gaining more experience in their chosen field. These degrees are often taught by experienced professionals in the industry, and they will be able to provide you with not only their knowledge and expertise, but perhaps even some of their contacts – if they feel you are a worthy enough candidate for a job.

Work hard at networking and building up relationships via industry events, on your degree course or by reaching out to companies or workers via social networking, email, over the phone or face to face. Getting to know people builds up your confidence, your contacts list and allows your potential future employer to get to know more about you. Also, work on a portfolio that leans heavily on advertising. Put in pieces you have created during your degree, or voluntary placements. Include any ideas you are particularly proud of and examples of your online networking. Try out as many voluntary placements as possible in a variety of places, such as museums, agencies, newspaper internships and more. Employers will be impressed with your productivity, variety of roles, and independent thinking!

It may take some time to get into your dream advertising role, but it will be worth it. However, be prepared for long hours, for low pay (this is more at the beginning of your advertising career), and plenty of pressure. You will be expected to juggle a variety of targets and deadlines, most of them required quite quickly, but it can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Think hard before you pursue this career. Can you handle the pressure?

If you’ve thought it through and a career in the marketing and advertising field is still for you, then why not try to contact some of the marketing or advertising companies listed on Directory Now? This free online UK business directory will link you to plenty of companies. Simply choose those that take your fancy. Perhaps phoning them and sharing your ideas and portfolio may result in you gaining an interview or a voluntary placement? You never know until you try – good luck!

Kayleigh Powis

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