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11th April
written by Ian Terry
Air Conditioning Specialist, Air Con Installation

Beat the summer heat, get air con

When it comes to living in the British Isles, most of us would never consider air conditioning in the home. We spend around half of the year in average to sub-average temperatures; for at least three months of winter, we’re left shivering by the cold if the central heating isn’t on. When we’re not in the summer weeks, it can be pretty hard to imagine the hot summertime climate.

Yet we seem to be living in changing times. Nobody can dispute the wetter nature of the climate in the UK. And while it’s been a few years since we’ve had a really hot summer, many experts believe we’re long overdue one.

If you’ve ever lived in a studio apartment or a converted loft space, or if you’ve been the resident of a poorly ventilated apartment block, you’ll know how stuffy and uncomfortable the summer can be. It’s only then that we start to consider a home air conditioner unit.

It’s when simply opening the windows doesn’t provide enough relief from hot, humid conditions that you appreciate those icy blasts of cold air from a conditioner just as you walk into some shops or restaurants.  That artificially cooler air makes even a doctor’s waiting room or dentist’s surgery a comforting place when the sun is really beating down in July!

To really get the benefit of an air conditioner, you need to have had it installed before the summer months are here. That way, you’ll be prepared for the heat before it happens, rather than trying to react to it. And when you have one finally installed, you’ll see in no time how the overall air quality is improved – especially if you live in a polluted city, in which case a new air conditioner unit will literally be a breath of fresh air.

Better yet, if the hot weather fails to materialise for another year, you can then use it to provide heat, circulating it much more effectively than heat from a radiator. The heat put out from an air conditioner can spread warm temperature around a room much more effectively than a conventional heating system, making an air conditioner an all year round investment.

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Ian Terry 

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