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4th February
written by Ian Terry
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Look after your pet in the winter!

Spot any dog owners where you live and you’ll notice an increasing trend to dress their pets in coats. Although it’s not a new idea, dog coats have caught on with a wider audience since they’ve become something of a fashion statement, or even a way of coordinating a pet with a devoted owner.

Regardless of what you might think of this trend, is it really something the dog needs during the colder months? Are there any benefits?

Opinion seems to be divided. Some owners will argue against the need for a winter coat. They might argue that dogs leading Arctic expeditions don’t need coats – nature has provided the animal with its own natural insulation – a full coat of fur. Surely that replaces the need for added garments?

While this is true for most types of dog, there are other dogs bred to live in extremely warm climates – small breeds like Chihuahuas with very short fur and thin skin. Those kinds of dogs really need some help when staying warm in our climate.

Dogs that are clipped and groomed will also have fewer of their own natural defences during the winter months. While this shouldn’t bother a healthy dog walking or running outside in the cold, a pet outdoors in very low temperatures (especially those being walked at a very slow pace) will surely benefit from the extra layer a coat will provide.

Very elderly or sick dogs may require that additional layer, especially if the pet can no longer control its own temperature. Equally, dogs that have lost their natural coat (perhaps due to a skin disease) will need help to stay warm during the most extreme cold spells.

Thankfully, this won’t apply for most pets, which will be well loved and cared for, and in good health – in which case, the doggie jackets and winter coats are simply novelty accessories, often bought by owners as fun gifts for their furry friends. It’s simply a matter of personal choice.

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Ian Terry

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